FERNANDEZ FOUNDATION is a “not-for-profit” healthcare organization committed to equitable and respectful care for women, newborn and children. It runs Fernandez Hospitals, Fernandez Outpatient Clinics, Stork Home, and the Fernandez Child Development Centre. Its activities also encompass Advocacy, Education, Innovation and Research.

The Foundation is committed to promoting its legacy of leadership in healthcare through excellence and compassionate service, in the spirit of inclusion and justice; being respectful of every human being and upholding their dignity at every stage of life; adhering to values enshrined in Christian beliefs. All the institutions under the Foundation’s aegis also conform to these values.

OUR MISSION   mission

To ensure that women and children receive high quality, respectful and appropriate medical and developmental care, because good health and a life of dignity are their birthright.



Donating to this cause will help us care for underprivileged people, enabling us to continue our mission to provide respectful and equitable healthcare to everyone who visits us. We have been doing this with our model of cross subsidization, and your generosity will greatly help our efforts.



In 2020, over 2080 babies were admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Fernandez Hospital, which is over 21% of the births recorded. These babies come from different socio-economic backgrounds, and many families find it hard to bear the costs. NICU care is expensive, and your donation will help make it available to those children in need.

The approximate charges for admission in NICU:

  • Level II – 12,000 to 14,000 per day.
  • Level III – 16,000 to 18,000 per day.

The charges go up when CPAP or Ventilation support is provided.



The PROMISE (Professional Midwifery Services) campaign involves working with the Govt of Telangana to create a cadre of midwives for its public hospitals. We also work with the Govt of India to scale up and build a national cadre of midwifery educators for the country. Your donation will help us in our mission to train ten thousand midwives (10% of India’s needs) over the next decade. These professionals will help offer high quality, low-cost respectful, compassionate care to every pregnant woman in our public facilities. India’s maternal and infant mortality ratios will decrease along with the C-Section rates.

  • Approximate cost for training a batch of midwives is
    Rs. 3,92,71,260/-



In India, 1.5 – 2.5% children are affected by developmental delays. Developmental and cognitive issues in children are huge impediments to blending them into society. But with timely intervention and support, it is possible for them to grow up into self-reliant, productive adults. At Fernandez Child Development Centre, we offer a full range of therapeutic and developmental support, along with ancillary therapies and services at a comparatively nominal price. Your donation will help these children overcome their disabilities in the best possible way and allow us to reach out to more children in need.



As an organization, we are committed to offering focused skills training to women, allowing them to lead a life of respect and dignity. Nurses and midwives form the backbone of healthcare systems. Your contribution will sponsor the education/training of underprivileged women helping them achieve their dream and making them an integral part of a broader healthcare system.

  • The 18-month Post Basic Diploma in Nurse Practitioner
    in Midwifery training for one nurse costs
    Rs. 4,00,000 (as per GoI).
  • Post Basic Diploma in Neonatal Nursing costs
    approximately Rs 1,00,000 for non-govt.
    sponsored candidates.


For more information regarding donations, please contact:

Ankit Jain | Senior Manager, Finance & Accounts

+91 91006 67841 | donate@fernandez.foundation

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All donations made to Fernandez Foundation are eligible for tax deductions u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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