About Fernandez Foundation

27 September' 22 | Media Resources

The Fernandez Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that works on several initiatives to improve the health of women and children. Fernandez Foundation is committed to taking forward its legacy of leadership in healthcare 

  • through excellence and compassionate service, in the spirit of inclusion and justice. 
  • by being respectful of every human being and upholding their dignity at every stage of life. 
  • adhering to values enshrined in Christian beliefs. 

All the institutions under the Foundation’s aegis also conform to these values.

Fernandez started as a two-bed maternity clinic in 1948. From the very beginning, Dr Leslie and Dr Lourdes Fernandez were guided by ethical values and the mission of equitable care. In 1991, under the leadership of Dr Evita Fernandez, the institution chose to specialise in respectful maternal care. In 2018, Fernandez formally registered as a not-for-profit and all initiatives now come under the Fernandez Foundation.

The Foundation’s activities encompass different areas  

  • Healthcare
  • Child Development 
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Research 

The focus is on ensuring respectful and equitable care and a life of dignity for women, newborns, and children. At Fernandez, we believe that these are the rights of every woman and child.

Fernandez Foundation has several initiatives that help deliver evidence-based and equitable care:


Fernandez Hospital began as a small two-bedded hospital called Stork Home Clinic in 1948. In the last 73 years, we have added three hospitals and two outpatient clinics to offer holistic care for women, newborns, and children. The hospital’s services include Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Neonatology, Foetal Medicine, Midwifery, and Counselling Services. 

Today, Fernandez Hospital helps bring 10,000 babies into the world every year. The Department of Neonatology at Fernandez is recognized for its clinical research, which has influenced new practices in Neonatology and lowered healthcare costs. 

Fernandez Hospital is also a widely acclaimed teaching and training institute, accredited by the National Board of Education, for post-doctoral fellowships in high-risk pregnancies and Neonatology, as well as post-graduate courses in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Child Development 

Fernandez Child Development Centre is one of India’s most comprehensive holistic centres for children with special needs. The Centre has been set up by Fernandez Foundation in collaboration with the Divi’s Foundation for Gifted Children (both not-for-profit organizations). The Centre provides children with a full range of therapeutic and developmental support, along with ancillary therapies and services. The Centre individualizes each child’s treatment according to their developmental needs. We do this through a cohesive team approach, which decreases multiple visits for other specialities. Our goal is to ensure that each child develops into a self-reliant, productive adult, who leads a life of dignity and respect.


Our advocacy efforts aim to improve how we treat and care for mothers and children across the country. We promote natural birthing, champion midwifery, and recommend the presence of birthing companions. We have also introduced Kangaroo Mother Care in India and have established Human Milk Banks. Through these initiatives, we seek to implement systemic change and ensure the physical and emotional well-being of mothers.


Research forms the backbone of our evidence-based, protocol-driven approach to maternal and childcare. It also helps us achieve our vision of equitable care for all. Through research, we discover new interventions, improve upon existing ones, and develop more cost-effective solutions. 

Our research is conducted in collaboration with government bodies as well as national and international organisations.

All research at Fernandez is overseen by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The Board is approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation(CDSCO) and Department of Health Research (DHR) and consists of the Scientific Research Committee and the Institute Ethics Committee. With eminent experts from different fields, the Board is meticulous about maintaining the highest standards of ethical and academic integrity.


Education is crucial to our vision of achieving woman-centric, respectful care for mothers across the country.  It gives us the opportunity to train the next generation of healthcare professionals in an evidence-based, protocol-driven approach to medicine. This ensures that our students are equipped to deliver competent, compassionate care — wherever they are. 


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