Cleaner hands…a Better You!

8 October' 22 | Happenings at Fernandez

Global Hand washing Day was on 15th October, and this year’s theme, “Unite for Universal Hand Hygiene,” called for coordinated action toward universal hand hygiene.

What we did at Fernandez…

  • Community Outreach Activities for Children – Health Education on Importance of Handwashing and Distribution of Hand Hygiene Stickers was done at the Govt. Primary, Phool Bagh, and at Fernandez CDC, Madhapur.
  • Departments of Housekeeping and Maintenance were engaged with discussions on the importance of hand hygiene. 
  • We also introduced Fixed Time Alarm Bell Technique as a method to improve hand hygiene compliance. Everyone on duty was requested to perform hand hygiene at 11:00 AM on 15th October. 
  • Skits / Dance performance by Nurses on the Importance of Handwashing 

Heartfelt thanks to each one who participated and helped coordinate these events. We owe every bit of the success to you!


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