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The cornerstone of Fernandez Foundation’s culture is that we treat every patient equitable, with respect and dignity. no matter what their social or financial status. It is imperative that each of us believes in this principle implicitly and practices it in everything we do. Here is a story that exemplifies this trait. The patient’s name has been changed out of respect for her privacy.

Zaiba (name changed) had delivered her baby at a hospital in Bidar, a town in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. She came to our Out Patient Clinic with severe post partal bleeding, which is loss of blood following childbirth. It is not a common condition, occurring only in about 1.2% of deliveries. However, it needs immediate attention as it can result in consequential complications and even death.

At the Fernandez OP Clinic, our doctors stopped the bleeding, ensured her vitals were stable, ran a routine scan and sent her home, with the advice to return for a follow up examination. A week later, when she returned, disaster struck. Even as Zaiba awaited her turn in the lobby, she suddenly had a heave bout of bleeding.

It was a terrible situation for anyone to be in. The lobby was crowded with patients and their relatives, who were totally taken aback. There was blood all over the chair and the floor. In the midst of all this was poor Zaiba, covered in embarrassment even as she battled acute pain and fear.

Babitha, our Assistant Manager Gynaecology Service, immediately alerted the nursing team, who swiftly got into action. Nurses Hussaina and Daya Maria, and DNB student, Shalini, rushed in with a stretcher and took charge of the situation. They calmed Zaiba down and smoothly shifted her into the procedure room. Close on their heels, our housekeeping staff Lakshmi moved in to clean and disinfect the lobby, so that the other patients were not inconvenienced.

Meanwhile, Zaiba’s vitals were checked and she was transferred in an ambulance to Fernandez Hospital Hyderguda, where she was admitted. Our doctors there arrested the bleeding without delay and ensured that her condition stabilized.

Zaiba is a young woman, with her whole life ahead of her. To ensure that she stays in good health and is able to fulfil her motherhood aspirations, she is now likely to be put through some necessary procedures.

At Fernandez Foundation, such incidents reaffirm our conviction that, ultimately, our actions must always be guided by the patient’s best interest. There cannot and must not be any other motive for us to come to work every day.


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