Registered as Fernandez Foundation
Legal status Section – 8 of the Companies Act of 2013. CIN No : U85110TG1991NPL013233
12A Registration number AAACF3069ME20219 dt 06.10.2021
Exemption under Income Tax Act AAACF3069MF20217 dt 06.10.2021 valid through 31.03.2026
Tax benefit/Eligibility eligible for 50% of the donation amount as deduction from his/her total income U/S 80G. (Subject to maximum of 10% of gross total income)
FCRA Registration No. NA
CSR ACT All activities of the institute are in accordance with the Schedule VII of the CSR Act 2013
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Fernandez Foundation
Dr LJF Block, 4-1-1229/1, Bogulkunta, Hyderabad – 500001, Telangana.
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